Heartland Revival

Country, Gospel, Folk

Heartland Revival is a trio of musicians who love to inspire and uplift their audiences through music.  Based in the Kansas City area, the group has performed at fairs, church festivals and picnics, town square events, private parties, retirement and senior communities, and in concert venues.   Their blend of three part harmonies, multiple instruments, and variety of styles entertain audiences of all ages.

Darsi Eveland

Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele

A performer for her entire life, Darsi is a singer/songwriter living in the Kansas City area with her husband, Mark, and golden retriever, Sandy. She currently has five original singles on digital platforms that are an authentic reflection of how she lives her life as a Christian, combined with the sound of her years as a country singer.

A musician, singer, dancer and model, Darsi toured the midwest and South alongside her brother Chris Bell, with the country band, "Bacwood," and played for many years in her local church praise band. She has a bachelors degree in dance from University of Missouri, Kansas City, and trained competition dancers at Dixie Bell Dance Center for thirty years.  Most recently she has been releasing original country and gospel material that can be found on Spotify and all digital platforms, and is thoroughly enjoying making music with "Heartland Revival".

Darsi began writing music after raising her two children, and loves to collaborate with her kids on any musical endeavor. Darsi's original music features her son Matt Eveland on lead guitar (@mattevelandguitar) and daughter Mackenzie Eveland Smith with all photography and cover design (@mackevelandphoto) and on background vocals.

Darsi currently plays drums at Westside Family Church in Lenexa and for the band "Witness."  She also teaches private drum, voice, and ukulele lessons in her home studio. Her desire is to make uplifting music to brighten the lives of those locally and around the world.

April England

Vocals, keyboard, guitar, ukulele

April started her  musical  career, as  so  many, in  church.  Her  father  was  a Pentecostal  preacher. Both her  parents  played music  and  sang  for  the church.  April  never  learned to  play by note  but  inherited a great  ear  and  understanding  of  music  theory, listening  to  her  mother’s  difficult  compositions  while growing  up. She was  influenced by old time  gospel, bluegrass, folk  music, and  very much by the blues. Family gatherings  usually involved a jam  session as  all her  siblings  were  musical  also. April  finger  picks  a bit  on the guitar, but  the piano  is  her  instrument  of  choice.  She  states that  one of  her greatest  influences on the piano  is  her  sister, Janie Horner, who  taught  her  almost  every blues lick that she knows. April  has  piddled  with the piano  since childhood but  got  serious  about  it  in  the last  10  years. She has  played in  a  few  different bands  and  really enjoys  performing.  She occasionally plays  and  sings  at  church. April  lives  on  a farm  in  Kansas, loves  her  horses, gardening, kayaking, swimming, helping  with their  small cow/calf  operation  with her  husband, Mike. One  of  her  greatest  joys  is  her  three  grandkids. April  loves  "Heartland Revival" and its  dedicated members  who  love  music  and  have  the time  to put  into  the effort  of  a talented group. They make  a wonderful  team.

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Paul Stamper

Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Ukulele

Paul Stamper is a string musician who also loves to sing.  The singing interest dates back to his youth when (before the days of DVD players in vehicles) the family on the road had to come up with their own “car tunes” by singing rounds, silly songs and along with the radio. Paul may be old, (b.1952) but  the radio was actually invented years before he was born.  His mom was a skilled pianist and brought the love of music into his childhood home in Greeley, CO. Taking up the violin in the school string program at age 10, he also studied privately. His interest continued on in college (Metro State in Denver) where he graduated with a music Ed degree in 1977. It was not until he moved to Kansas and taught 2 whole years of public school string music (which he says was plenty) that he was exposed to fiddling and country music. Now he has private violin/fiddle students to keep him busy and fulfilled.

A biographical statement which does not give credit to family and teachers and other influences which guide one’s steps is, to say the least, incomplete. Paul’s father was supportive of his music, buying him music and instruments (including H.S. first guitar, a Harmony arch top). His siblings, especially his older sisters kept him involved in church choir. The church was always an influence and continues to be. Paul was the worship leader at Rutlader Outpost Cowboy Church near Louisburg, KS. He credits his violin teachers especially fellow fiddler Jean Gough for equipping him to play fiddle and other string instruments with imagination and confidence. The Beatles were a huge inspiration for many years and a ton of folk and bluegrass singers who made music personal for Paul.

A young lady named Terri caught his eye in 1970. In  ‘73 she caught the rest of him and they married. Together they raised two sons and a daughter. Now there are six grandchildren to remind them how to keep their sense of humor. Family and friends jam is precious time in the Stamper family. Terri has bought many of Paul’s instruments for him including his retirement present, a trumpet. Paul has used it to play taps for veterans funerals and patriotic events.

He has been active in performing many years and is happy that he, April England and Darsi Eveland have joined forces in "Heartland Revival." The group gives each musician opportunity to grow into a part of the greater whole and explore new approaches to old music.

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